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Step into another world, where your whole reality turns into a virtual illusion. Imagine a world where everything is beyond what is normal. Be part of a different adventure, filled with numerous unreal surprises. Sometimes your senses can deceive you. Do you believe in everything you see?

Three floors filled with illusions, lots of fun and a different experience. Spend unforgettable time by looking at the photos, solving dilemmas and brain puzzles. Are you afraid of wild animals and how much they can be scary and harmless in your immediate vicinity? Are you brave enough to step into the elevator without a bottom?

Allow yourself to be lost in the labyrinth of infinite mirrors, to enter into a tornado of illusions, to overcome the gravity, or perhaps serve yourself for someone’s dinner…. but, we told you enough! If you want to experience the magic story, get ready for the ILUZIUM’s great opening on 6th of June!

Bring your loved ones and take your camera, and prepare yourself to supplement your collection of photos with completely different and unusual photos!


+389 71 344 379

Monday – Friday
08:00 – 20:00
Saturday – Sunday
09:00 – 20:00

300 den

Children (5-18 years)
200 den

Group ticket
(two adults and two children)
700 den

200 den


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