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Are you addicted to adrenaline? You ride motorbikes? Do motor sports? What if you had the chance to immerse yourself in a new exhilarating experience riding a metal stallion, in a cluster of a beautiful mountainous region in the Balkans, difficult-to-pass dirt trails, and a hard-to-miss visage of the Ohrid lake nested in the heart of the region.
The tourist destination of Livadiste –Autokamp and St. Stephen accommodation is in the heart of Ohrid and Struga, located in the South-western part of the Republic of Macedonia.
It is most famous attraction is Lake Ohrid nestled like a jewel in a crown of mountains.
Ohrid Lake has a rich and natural beauty. It also has an interesting historical and cultural past. Many call it ‘the pearl of the Balkans’. Ohrid Lake has excellent conditions for the development of cycling tourism, cultural, wine, village, cave and eco-tourism.

** The accommodation part “Livadiste – Auto camp consists of 55000 square meters of space hosting 40 local trailers, 14 bungalow studios, as well as 150 spots for trailers and tents equipped with complete infrastructure, sunbeds and a junior sports field. There’s also a volleyball field, a basketball court, a handball & mini-football court (also adjusted for night games) and mini golf court. There’s a store within the camp’s area as well as two restaurants, one national and one designed for larger events and happenings.

Contact: + 389 71 392 127


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