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Your 360° Visual Tour Guide across Macedonia
See what Macedonia looks like on your device, and then come to visit Macedonia.
The primary goal of this project is to provide a virtual (visual) walk through tourist sites in the Republic of North Macedonia through a dynamic website, and their promotion:
• cities
• villages
• museums
• memorial centers and monuments
• archaeological sites
• ski resorts
• Religious objects – churches, monasteries, mosques …
• hotels and other accommodation facilities
• restaurants
• other beautiful scenery and locations that would interest a tourist …
The visual tours will take place through connected 360° interactive panoramas made from air and entry into (and around) tourist facilities (museums, hotels, restaurants, monuments …) with the 360° panoramas made from the ground.
On each 360° panorama has placed tags for tourism objects, monuments, museums, hotels and all other objects interesting for tourists, followed by informative texts, video clips in 2D and 360 technique, photos, links to websites for additional information…
And so, every visitor on this website will be able to look at all sides at his own will and to choose where to go further, which places he will see, from one 360° panorama to another 360° panorama to “walks” through the cities and tourist locations throughout North Macedonia.
For this virtual walk across North Macedonia, all appliances that have access to the Internet can be used: computers, tablets, phones, Smart TV … as well as 3D glasses.
mobile         +389 70 338 747
telephone   +389 2 2432 800

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