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Stobi winery is the newest and most modernly designed Macedonian winery, located in the municipality of Gradsko, next to the ancient site Stobi, where it gets its name from.

Let our expert guides introduce you to the basics of wine technology, as well as the vine growing and wine drinking tradition from this area. Find out more about the local wine culture while enjoying the culinary masterpieces of our chefs, always ready to surprise you with traditional Macedonian delicacies or specials from the international cuisine, and then leave Stobi richer for the epicurean experience.

Our aim is sole and not modest at all – we are committed to creating wines of superb and impeccable quality. Wines that are unique enough to satisfy the most selective tastes, and so simple for anyone to desire them.

There is no better way to get to know the wine and history of this region than by being part of Stobi’s wine tours! This idea of getting acquainted with the wine and food on offer from this region is a novel tourism product, previously available only abroad, from the Napa Valley in California, to Mendoza in Argentina, to Bordeaux in France. Yet, now you have an exclusive opportunity to enjoy them in the heart of Stobi.



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