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Macedonia Holidays is a Destination Management Company.
We offer hotel accommodations, bus transfers, guide services, restaurants, rent a car etc and all services for FIT and groups not only in Macedonia but and Albania and Kosovo as well.
Our team possess great communication skills and responds in record time to any inquiries, making sure the client is always in the loop of things. The expression “tailor made” is in the center of our organization and we truly work with each client to make sure that the services offered are exactly what he/she is looking for.



1. Macedonia Holidays DMC
Kej 13 Noemvri GTC 01/82, 1000
Skopje, Macedonia (FYROM)
Tel: +389 (0) 22 444 200
Mob +389 (0) 70 337 668

2. Macedonia Holidays DMC
Jane Sandanski 3b, P.O. 6000
Ohrid, Macedonia (FYROM)
Tel: +389 (0) 46 788 886
Mob +389 (0) 70 337 669



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